Weekend Quote (1)

This is the first time I joined Weekend Quote, hosted by Half-Filled Attic.

Today, I’ve finished reading Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found, by Lewis Carroll. After the second Carroll’s I read, I found that his books were made to be contemplated. Sometimes I found riddles, just playing with English words (I think it’s good to be read for children, by parents or teachers), on the other way, it gave morals that were delivered in a funny way.

“It’s too late to correct it,” said the Red Queen: “when you’ve once said a thing, that fixes it, and you must take the consequences.”

After the words have been said, Carroll never narrated the meanings. The scene, the character, still appeared ridiculously. Alice’s mind never digested it as it should. But I think, Carroll had his method of writing that I like.

Speaking about the quote, it sounds like our common problem. People said something before thinking, then they found that what they said wasn’t very good to be spoken. To apologize is one way, but don’t blame people if they react. Those are the consequences.

I’m not sure this story would connected with the quote, I just remembered and want to share. I once had a friend, close friend indeed. She was a fastidious and spoiled girl. One day, she said something that I dislike, for it was insulting me, and I believe it would insult somebody too. I spoke to her, and it looked like she had understood. But at another moment, she said the same thing–with apology then–as a joke. I found it wasn’t funny at all, I’ve told her once more. But then she repeated it, again and again. I found that speak to her was useless, subsequently I didn’t even listen anymore. For me, when somebody says one thing repetitively, even he/she said it was a joke, he/she does mean it. Apologize hardly work at the second same thing.

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2 responses to “Weekend Quote (1)

  1. Yep! That’s a good quote, short and sharp…

  2. Lewis Carroll actually speaks serious things in Alice and Through the Looking Glass. Like about “saying what you mean vs. meaning what you say” and also about some other things I cannot remember. And yes, I agree that the above quote is right. To some extent, people can take back what they say, but they cannot fully undo the effect made by saying it.

    Thanks for participating.

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