Weekend Quote (3)

“For ’tis the only thing in the world that lasts… and to anyone with a drop of Irish blood in them the land they live on is like their mother… ’tis the only thing worth working for, fighting for, dying for.”

This quote is taken from the end of Chapter XXV of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind. This was Gerald’s words, Scarlett recalled it when she realized that her father’s words had been proved to her.

At the moment, when war was showing its cruelty, there’s no hope of saving the moving assets. All goods could be taken and gone, but land would still on its place. I believe it isn’t exclusive to Irish people. The same trust was happened since our ancestor. When they had money, they would buy some acres of land, as time went by, the value would be rising and it saved their money from inflation.

Long time ago, some populations buried their gold at their land. That”s one thing either, how important land is for human for centuries.

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