Gone With The Wind Read Along : Your Reviews & The Winner

I don’t know how to thank you all. Without you–GWTW Read Along participants–I’m not sure I could finish this book. It was a hard reading, too many emotions that I put in every page I turned. Special thanks to kak Fanda for the invitation. My pleasure to assist you managing this read along, sharing all kind of impressions, and having something to discuss.

I’d like to congratulate the winner of Fanda’s Giveaway. Before I pick my giveaway’s winner, let me compile the review posts that entered at November 8th:

1. My review
2. Fanda @ Fanda Classiclit
3. Peri Hutan @ Kubikel Romance [IND] ~ perjuangan ya
4. Althesia @ Mari Membaca [IND] ~ melihat dari sudut lain
5. Peni Astiti @ Ketimbun Buku ~ cool research part
6. aobibliophile @ aobiblioclassique ~ enthusiastic reader
7. Maria @ HobbyBuku’s Classic ~ interesting thoughts
8. Joyful Reader @ For The Love of Books ~ brief and joyful review
9. Lydia @ Eternal Simplicity ~ to share re-read experience
10. Athena @ Aquatique ~ I love the analysis
11. Dani @ Melihat Kembali [IND] ~ salut untuk waktunya
12. Aleetha @ It’s All About Books ~ we share similar thoughts

Excluding Fanda and myself, there are ten reviews to be drawn. Aaannnddd, the winner is :

Congratulations to Dani @ Melihat Kembali, I’ll contact you soon.

For all update posts that you entered there, and your review posts, of course, I got many different impression, different point of views and new perspectives. It was fun to have you around, I wish we can share any ideas, for it’s not the end of our reading journey.

If you were listed on this read along but haven’t put your review link, it’s okay to share it here or there. Fanda and I will gladly see another great review, or may be anything you’d like to say, we’ll appreciate that.

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