Character Thursday (27) : Orlando in As You Like It

new-character-thursday-buttonIn Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It, Orlando was the youngest of three brothers. At the beginning of the play, he complained about his eldest brother–Oliver, that (he felt) treated him unfairly. His brother didn’t bring him to school and didn’t take care of Orlando. Though, Orlando had a strong will to be better. When Oliver sent a wrestler to challenge him, Orlando won the fight. Even his brother hated Orlando, he had admitted that Orlando was indeed a gentleman.

Yet he’s gentle; never school’d and yet learned; full of noble device; of all sorts enchantingly beloved; and, indeed, so much in the heart of the world, and especially of my own people, who best know him, that I am altogether misprised. (Oliver, Act I Scene I)

However, Orlando was not so good at love. Or maybe all people might become silly when they’re falling in love. As Orlando wrote love poems–which weren’t so good–and pinned them in the trees at the forest, for his love–Rosalind. Yet, he couldn’t make people sympathized to his love.

There is none of my uncle’s marks upon you; he taught me how to know a man in love; in which cage of rushes I am sure you are not prisoner. (Ganymede, Act II Scene II)

I think he is not a pick-purse nor a horse-stealer; but for his verity in love, I do think him as concave as covered goblet or a worm-eaten nut.
( . . . )
O, that’s a brave man! He writes brave verses, speaks brave words, swears brave oaths, and breaks them bravely, quite traverse, athwart the heart of his lover; as a puny tilter, that spurs his horse but on one side, breaks his staff like a noble goose. But all’s brave that youth mounts and folly guides.
(Celia, Act III Scene IV)

However, Orlando had shown that his love was real. Moreover, he had stolen Rosalind’s heart from the beginning, because of his gentleness and bravery.

But what talk we of fathers when there is such a man as Orlando? (Rosalind, Act III Scene IV)

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4 responses to “Character Thursday (27) : Orlando in As You Like It

  1. Seems that Orlando is a genuine, natural guy.

  2. The character of Orlando sounds like someone I would yo know.

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