LRP January Meme: Stage/Film Adaptation

This January, I’ve read Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello for LRP. The LRP monthly meme is about stage/film adaptation. I used google search and found some link to youtube.

There are two stage adaptations that I’ve watched. The second one (it’s more relevant so I mentioned it first) in Italian. I didn’t know a word, but I think the dramatization is good.

And the first stage adaptation that I’ve watched is a “one act play” that was inspired by the book. It’s simpler than the original play, but it showed the essence of the play; about how we manage and assure our existence.

I also found a film adaptation that was directed by Bill Bryden here. Starring John Hurt, Tara Fitzgerald, Brian Cox, Susan Fleetwood, Keith Baxter, Georgina Hale, Steven Mackintosh and Patricia Hayes. The setting was changed into film making scene, and so far, I think it’s more enjoyable for me. Although I haven’t finished watching it, I think it represented the original play better.

I’ve given you the links, feel free to judge it by yourselves 🙂


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