Holiday Romance – Charles Dickens (Part 1/4)

Title : The Trial of William Tinkling; Written by Himself at the Age of 8 Years
Author: Charles Dickens (1867)
Illustrator: S. Beatrice Pearse
Publisher : Project Gutenberg (ebook)
Release Date: November 12, 2007 [EBook #23452]

This beginning-part is not made out of anybody’s head, you know. It’s real. You must believe this beginning-part more than what comes after, else you won’t understand how what comes after came to be written. You must believe it all, but you must believe this most, please.

That’s how Dickens began this children’s story. At first, I didn’t understand, why. But when I’ve reached half of the first part, I knew that this book need a wild-children’s-imagination. Adults will roll their eyes when they read the adventure of these children. But William Tinkling was serious! I mean, yes, he wrote his story (with Dickens as his editor, it said), to tell his feelings. And that is important. Children’s problems, however small for us (adults), are important.


William Tinkling had a bride, named Nettie Ashford. The next day, Lieutenant-Colonel Robin Redforth was married also, with Alice Rainbird. These four childrens will write different part in this book. The first part is belongs to William Tinkling.

Waving his black flag, the Colonel attacked.William said those two girls were in captivity at Miss Grimmer’s. I think they lived at some kind of boarding school (cmiiw), so they wanted to set their brides free. They planned an attack, which was not going very well. The Colonel was captured, and William hadn’t had a chance to appear because he was waiting for an order from the Colonel.
The court was held on the grass by the pond.Nettie thought that her husband was a coward. William felt that he should clear his honour, so he brought himselt to be tried by a Court-Martial. He wanted to prove himself “No Coward and Not Guilty”.

The main problem of these children were that they won’t be ‘seen’ nor ‘heard’ by the grown-up people. They had ideas, but they couldn’t make grown-up people do whatever they thought it should be done.

Let us in these next Holidays, now going to begin, throw our thoughts into something educational for the grown-up people, hinting to them how things ought to be. Let us veil our meaning under a mask of romance; (The Colonel)

"THE PIRATE-COLONEL WITH HIS BRIDE, AND YESTERDAY'S GALLANT PRISONER WITH HIS BRIDE."I enjoyed reading it. I almost believed that this book was written by a children. Their plain and simple thoughts, sounds silly, but their seriousness made me re-think; this is how children should be, active, clever, and creative. (Though, I don’t know whether ‘marriage game’ good or not). The best things about these children are, they know the importance of bravery, obedience and loyalty.

“we will wait—ever constant and true—till the times have got so changed as that everything helps us out, and nothing makes us ridiculous, and the fairies have come back. We will wait—ever constant and true—till we are eighty, ninety, or one hundred. And then the fairies will send us children, and we will help them out, poor pretty little creatures, if they pretend ever so much.” (Alice)

There was a most tremendous lot of cherries.

Part II –>            

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  3. ilustrasinya keren-keren banget, nih, buku. Ada versi bahasa Indonesianya, nggak ya?

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