Holiday Romance – Charles Dickens (Part 3/4)

"Captain Boldheart's Lady Begged For Him And He Was Spared."Title : Captain Boldheart & the Latin-Grammar Master; A Holiday Romance from the Pen of Lieut-Col. Robin Redforth, aged 9
Author : Charles Dickens (1867)
Illustrator : S. Beatrice Pearse
Publisher : Project Gutenberg (ebook)
Release Date : December 7, 2007 [EBook #23765]

I found a difficulty to review this one. I didn’t quite get the point and didn’t really enjoy it also. It was a story about a little ‘pirate’ named Captain Boldheart who was sailing and found so many things. Fought a whale, saved a friend, kept other boys from Latin-Grammar Master, met some Savages, reunion with the Family, and took his bride.

"His lovely Bride came forth"It has to be something adventurous that Dickens wrote. In the hands of a boy, that should have a simple thoughts about life. He was just going through one place to another, with the bravery that he thought he had, and the power of his authority as a captain.

I think I still need more enlightments about this story. Not because it was bad, I still love Dickens’ uses of words and language, but this Captain haven’t worked on me, yet.

"Dost Know The Name Of Yon Ship, Mayor?"

<– Part II                                                                                    Part IV –>


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