My (Personal) Letter for Charles Dickens

Dear Mr. Dickens,

My name is something you’re hard to spell, so you can just call me Bzee. I’m from Indonesia, and I’m not good in English. Though, I hope you’ll understand my letter (if you read this). I said that because I don’t want you to have Hard Times of reading my letter, eh, you see, I’ve made one error (or maybe more?).

I want to tell you that Our Mutual Friend is hosting an event to celebrate your 201st birthday, isn’t it sweet? She invites us to read your works as many as we could this whole February. She also allows other readings, such as your biography, or even watching movies based on your works. Actually, she’s a big fan of you, Mr. Dickens. I think you should have known her, because I don’t know how many bloggers mentioned your name and your works as many as her in Fanda Classiclit.

This letter I wrote is for her challenge, to make something connected with you. I’ve known your name years ago, I’ve heard that you’re famous, I’ve heard that you wrote masterpieces, but I was a little girl at that time. I met Oliver Twist at motion pictures, that poor little boy. I think destiny made my friend gave me Great Expectations as my birthday present, but it was written by another person, using your plot.

What should I wrote, Mr. Dickens? You are a great writer, I’m afraid I’d make you mad because I ruined your language. What about a proposal, to be your apprentice? Yes, I want to be your pupil! I’ve decided. I’ll write something, I hope you have patience to read my errors, so that you can tutor me to write better.

Once upon a time, David Copperfield was walking around the city. He had no idea where he was heading, he was just following where his feet would bring him. It wasn’t December yet, but from a distance he heard A Christmas Carol. He followed his ear, and suddenly he arrived at the end of the road. He entered a door, then suddenly he was at the totally different surroundings. It was not the city he has known, it was different. There, he stood in front of a Bleak House. He did not dare to pass another door. So he moved to the left passage, he felt like a magic-traveler, and maybe he would tell A Tale of Two Cities he was passing by that day. It was strange that he didn’t meet anyone in that big city, until he entered The Old Curiosity Shop at the corner of the street. There, he found a first edition of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. He was moving around, found so many old books. He bought all the books, and suddenly he changed.

Oh, Mr. Dickens, you don’t know how serious this story became. It was almost revealed my disguise as Ordo Timbunan, you know, a person that has so many pile of books that are unread yet. But I won’t go further today. I just want to know, will you be good accepting me as your pupil? I won’t ask your opinion about my writing, not yet. I know it’s so cheesy and not even close to good.  That’s why I want to learn, and you will be perfect as my teacher. If you need another consideration, I’ve attached my CV and a review of Holiday Romance.

Thank you so much.

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Dickens.

Sincerely yours,


This post is entered to Me and Dickens meme & giveaway, to celebrate Charles Dickens’ 201st birthday (7th February 2013)


10 responses to “My (Personal) Letter for Charles Dickens

  1. This is a fun way to celebrate Dickens birthday! Great letter!

  2. thank you, Melissa 🙂

  3. Jadi berpikir, Ordo Timbunan bahasa Inggrisnya apa ya? :))
    Thanks for your letter to Mr. Dickens, I would make sure he read it. 😉 By the way, you said your friend gave you Great Expectations written by other author using Dickens’ plot? Is there any of that?

  4. Pilers Ordo? wkwkwk

    I meant to mention the abridged version. Could I say it that way? Because it said “retold by”, so it’s not the original writing of Dickens, is it?

    Thanks, and please, make sure he’ll accept me as his pupil :p

  5. The Order of the Pilers (as in The Order of the Phoenix) 😛
    I think it’s the abridged version, abridged version is when someone else shortening the original version, right?
    I have asked Mr. Dickens his opinion, and he told me that he would only accept classics clubbers who had finished their five years challenges as pupils! 😉

  6. bulkbookers = penimbunbuku muahaha

  7. wow…. the most wanted letter of any author’s want from their fans. (sorry for my english…too…) hohoho…

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