February Meme for The Classics Club

The question for this month meme is :

 “What classic has most surprised you so far, and why?”

I was surprised after reading The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I’ve read the book at high school (the Indonesian translation edition) and I failed to enjoy the book. So, when I read it for the second time (in English), I have no expectation at all. Actually, I haven’t even planned to read the book, so that I didn’t have it on my list. Surprisingly, I love the book so much! It has simple plot but very deep meaning. Here is my review. (By the way, I’ve mentioned this book at January Meme :D)

To make it fair, I’ll mention one book from my list that has surprised me: Dracula by Bram Stoker. Why? Because I didn’t find the horror of the story, not at all! So much different from what I’ve heard, and from my expectations too. Otherwise, I felt pity and sad all the time, especially after a third part, because the first chapters were rather boring. I didn’t quite enjoy the writing, but I was driven emotionally through the story. Unfortunately, I haven’t reviewed the book yet (my bad habit!).

That’s from me, check also from the other Classics Clubbers here.

“Reading” – Auguste Renoir (1890-1895)


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