Weekend Quote (13)

I think little of pen and ink in revolutions. One dagger will do more than a hundred epigrams.

(Michael, Act I)

I take the quote from a play by Oscar Wilde, entitled Vera or, The Nihilists. The one that spoke the line is one of the Nihilists (an organization that opposing Czar/Emperor in Russia). There were indeed some intellectual person inside the Nihilists, but there were also some person like Michael that prioritize violence above other forms of campaign.

I don’t say that I’m disagree with Michael, because at some cases words are useless if they’re facing the tyrants. Although, intellectual movements also needed to motivate and make common people realize of what they’re struggling for.

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2 responses to “Weekend Quote (13)

  1. It’s indeed the opposite of the sayings, “A pen is stronger than a sword,” which I like better. But of course, words alone sometimes are not enough.

    Nice quote, thanks for participating..

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