Let’s Read Plays Wrap Up


I remember when I started this reading challenge, I was so full of energy. I had targets, I expected myself to fulfill AT LEAST twelve plays a year, it should not be difficult. Although, some situations didn’t allow me to do that; ‘real-life problems’, as people usually said. So, with scattered schedule, I only finished nine plays, which contained all categories (not mentioning the number) except Shakespeare’s history and Greek. Here are the plays I’ve read from November 2012 until October 2013:

1. Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
2. As You Like It by William Shakespeare
3. Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello
4. The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare
5. The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
6. A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen
7. An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde
8. Vera, or, the Nihilists by Oscar Wilde
9. Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Here are the list of Character Meme that I’ve made (I should have made more than this if I could read more, ‘reading character’ is another fun) :

1. Caesar from Julius Caesar
2. Orlando from As You Like It
3. Rosalind from As You Like It
4. Lord Goring from An Ideal Husband

Meme hosted by Listra, I couldn’t follow this because my reading schedule was messy, too bad.

1. November : Character
2. December : Costume
3. January : Stage/Film Adaptation
4. June : Wilde

However, I’ve made a great reading for this event. I’ve found some new favourite authors because of this event. I could have done better, but I still could feel the fun and satisfaction. This is not the end, it’s just a beginning for other fun play-reading.

I remember the book-hangover–no, sorry–author-hangover (hehe), that happened right after I read Oscar Wilde’s. After I read two of his play, then I struggled to move on by choosing his most unpopular play, instead I ended up liking it.

Pirandello, Ibsen, and–of course–Shakespeare also give other kind of impression. Although, I think nothing could compare with Vera. Yes, Vera by Oscar Wilde. I can’t say that it’s my most favourite play–to say that I rate An Ideal Husband and Six Character in Search of an Author higher. I’m not certain, but the most possibility is that I had lower expectation of this play, then I got more. Whatever people said and saw about Vera, I appreciate her decisions and choices. I might not agree one hundred percent with her, but I salute her sacrifice for the sake of her country. I respect her way of treating her head and her heart.

Last but not least, I thank kak Fanda and Dessy for hosting this event, for the discussions (dan curhatan) along the reading, for the beautiful button decorated my sidebar a year long, and for forcing me reading great plays more than I would do if there wasn’t because of LRP.

So, let’s read more plays.

5 responses to “Let’s Read Plays Wrap Up

  1. Yeah…I’m very grateful too that I have decided to host it with Dessy. Otherwise, we would never have read plays, eh? Thanks for participating! And you’re right….it’s hard to put down that beautiful button from my sidebar… 😦

  2. Aku malah belum bikin Wrap-up nya… Tunggu ya Mbak Fanda… (mana lagi orangnya?)

    Thanks udah join the monthly meme-nya ya. I appreciate it. Saya sendiri ga beres nge-host kok.. (tiba-tiba kerja dan jadwal berantakan)

    • Yah, tantangan challenge tahunan itu saat jadwal kita tiba2 berubah. Tapi salut padamu yg sudah menyelesaikan 12 plays (secara Shakespeare makananmu sehari2 :p). Buruan bikin wrap up nya, ini hari terakhir buat giveaway di kak Dessy lho

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