Weekend Quote (15)

…..kita selalu mencoba mengartikan segala sesuatu sesuai dengan apa yang kita inginkan dan bukan sebagaimana mereka sesungguhnya. (Aleph by Paulo Coelho, p.31 Indonesian edition)

Paulo Coelho is one of my favourite author. Although I didn’t really enjoy Aleph, there are so many good quotes inside it. Since I read the Indonesian translation, I don’t know the real text. Here’s the one I got from goodreads, that seems the english text of my quote above:

“We always try to interpret things in accordance with what we want and not as they are.”

How many times we had misunderstanding, miscommunication, misinterpretation, and other ‘misses’ that could happen in our interaction with human being? Sometimes, it happens not because there isn’t enough communication or discussion. It might happen when our ego shut our brain to receive alternative information and comprehension. The consequence is that ‘misses’ happen, no matter how hard people try to convince us, we will resist our desired interpretation.

Similarly when we’re faced with something that evoke speculation, we always think in accordance with our interest or hope. However, I’ve proven that seeing something as it is, could bring happiness and ease in life. Because we won’t expect too much, nor we dissapoint when our interpretation is proven wrong.

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