Narrative Poem Reading Challenge 2013 Wrap Up


This challenge hosted by Listra (Half-Filled Attic) is one of the really challenging challenge for me. Since at the first time, I had no idea what narrative poem is. Although, I was so curious about challenge, and about new things. I embraced the challenge.

The result is, I’ve only read and reviewed one book :

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

It’s just because I can’t manage my reading time better, so that I slipped in a brief narrative poem which is really interesting. This challenge is over now, I got Homer Level (< 4 narrative poems), but I think I still have the rest of my life to discover other narrative poems.

Oh, I also have read some narrative poem from Roald Dahl, Revolting Rhymes which contains many brief poems that narrate fairy tales in a ‘different’ way. I consulted Listra whether I could count it in her challenge, and she said yes. But since I haven’t finished it (it really needs a relaxed reading moment, which I haven’t had lately) I don’t put it here.

So, thank you, Listra, for introducing me with narrative poem. I hope I could find another good one in a good time to enjoy it.


3 responses to “Narrative Poem Reading Challenge 2013 Wrap Up

  1. You’re very welcome. Glad you could join. The Raven, although short, contains everything a narrative poem could be. It’s amazing in its ability to convey so many ideas and feelings in so short a text.

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