#HUT5BBI : A Letter to Neil Gaiman


Dear Mr. Gaiman,

Good day to you, Sir. I’m writing this letter for a challenge as a book blogger community in Indonesia called BBI is having a birthday tomorrow, 13 April. We have to make an open letter for our favourite author, which will only mean a fan mail, but I think it’s a good opportunity to say something I couldn’t say in a regular blog post. I want to apologize in advance for my English if you find it improper.

First of all, I want to thank you for writing those amazing books you wrote. I haven’t read them all, but, for sure, I will gladly to. My first was Neverwhere, I don’t know how to express my feeling then, I only remember I was really awed by your style and imagination. I didn’t need second book to declare myself as a fan of yours.

Then, there are some other books. It wasn’t easy for me to get your books, by the way.  Because I hadn’t had access to imported books, and translated works of your books were already disappeared from book stores. However, I believe that every book will find its reader, and one by one, I can collect your books from various sources. Now, it’s getting easier as I already have access to imported book, although I still can’t afford them all because some of them are quite expensive for my budget. My solution is, buying one at one time.

There was a time in 2013 when you released The Ocean at the End of the Lane and I was extremely happy and sad at the same time. Happy because there would be a new novel after a long time, sad because I’d have to wait for the cheaper edition to read it. Fortunately, Indonesian publisher decided to publish the translated edition, which means I’d be able to buy it as soon as it was published. You know what your book did to me? It stole my soul. As I read it, I felt I was in the book, I felt familiar with all that happened in the book as if it was my story. Of course, it was not. I couldn’t predict what will happened in the book, but I felt de javu. It sounds so oxymoron, but I felt it. That made it difficult for me to write the review which was a disappointed thing for me as a book blogger as I couldn’t make the world know how awesome this book is. Later, I knew that it was based on the story of your childhood, but it still didn’t explain anything. Except that, you are a wizard that put magics in your words. Dear Mr. Gaiman, are you?

Mr. Gaiman, when I was having journey with Richard Mayhew, Fat Charlie Nancy, or Tristran Thorn, I realized that the charm of your characters are their flaws. They aren’t a great object for fangirling, or book boyfriend, or such things, but they have great journey and improvement which make the book alive and charming. I don’t need to like the characters to like the books, that’s my final conclusion. However, it was different when I read American Gods. Shadow was different. He was flawed, he wasn’t the typical man I would love, but surely he stole my heart. Maybe it was his attitudes, or maybe it was your magics, but it appeared that my final conclusion wasn’t final anymore. The ‘new final’ conclusion is, I can never be final with Neil Gaiman. That’s final.

As a children’s literature lover, I’m glad you have written a bunch of really precious children books. I love almost all of them, for the same reason I love children’s literature in general. They have treasure in it, hidden meanings that we should dig slowly to get, along with our maturity, we’ll get different meanings and treasure from them. I’m really proud because you got Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book, Bod was really awesome. If I may ask you one thing, would you write another middle grade novel? Because your children’s books are perfect and I want to read another long one, if you pleased.

Last but not least,  I have a dream that someday I’ll have the opportunity to meet you, although I’m not sure I could say anything if I did. My bigger dream is to get the opportunity to go into your personal library and read your favourite books so I would understand your magics. By the way, maybe you can make it true by updating your goodreads shelves. I have read some of your references somewhere on the internet, but I believe there are still many hidden.

Thank you for giving colours to our (readers) lives. I wish you will always be healthy and happy, so you can spread more magics into this wicked world.



10 responses to “#HUT5BBI : A Letter to Neil Gaiman

  1. Wah, Neil Gaiman. Aku nebaknya Bzee bakalan nulis surat buat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry XD
    Btw, makasih buat rekomendasi Interworld-nya ya Bzee, aku sukaaaaa ❤

    • Hihii… Banyak stok penulis favorit, mulai dari yg hidup sampai udah meninggal. Sama2, Ira, aku udah baca reviewmu (tapi lupa udah komen belum) (kebiasaan ga baik)

  2. Jadi inget kayaknya ada ocean yg masih di timbunan….

  3. Walah Zee, kamu tuh nulis surat buat penulis favorit kayak nulis surat buat pacar nun jauh di sana *mempertanyakan kejombloanmu* #dikeplak

  4. Wah, aku juga jadi keingat American Gods yang belum juga kelar kubaca sejak 2012 itu *dikeplak juga sama mbak Bzee

  5. Duh, jadi inget timbunan juga *lirik ocean, interworld sama graveyard…lah, kok banyak…* #plaks

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