This is a personal blog, I dedicated this blog to write all about books.

I’m female, from Indonesia. I love reading, basically all kinds of books. Although, I mostly read classic literature, children’s literature, fantasy, literary fiction, mystery, philosophical, science fiction, etc.

I started book blogging since January 2012, and I always try to develop my readings and my blog. I write in Bahasa Indonesia, but sometimes I mix it with English (I write about this here).

I accept books to be reviewed as long as it is interesting me and I can manage to read it, and make sure that they accept honest reviews.

Email : busy_mail125@yahoo.com
Twitter : @bzee_why

7 responses to “About

  1. I’m very amazed with your blog, especially the content. You are a fast reader, but with a deep comprehension. Need your tips to be like you. This blog is very helpful for those who search a clear review 🙂

    • Thank you. I can’t call myself a fast reader. Many of these reviews aren’t written as soon as I finished the book, so, it may not indicate that. For the reviews, I just try to see from many aspects of the book and try to explain my feelings. I try to analyze the book since the first time I open the page, so while enjoying the book, I already have some points to mention on my reviews. I still have to learn, but your comment makes me happy. I’m glad you can enjoy and get something from my blog.

  2. Revienya mantap
    ini kunjungan awal


  3. Just followed ^^
    Salam kenal Mbak

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