My List on CLRP 2017-2020

Here comes my second cycle of Children’s Literature Reading Project. After the great but tough-ended first cycle, I decided to move on. If you aren’t familiar with CLRP, see my post here.

I don’t think I could make an ambitious target for this cycle, but I also need to challenge myself. So, instead of making list of books I will read the next 3 years, I will make a list of book criteria. I’ll decide what to read when I want to read, fair enough. Here they are my list for 5 January 2017 – 4 January 2020:

  1. Book series I’ve started but haven’t finished
  2. Book(s) from favourite author(s)
  3. Book(s) from award-winning author(s)
  4. Award-winning book(s)
  5. Book(s) older than 300 years
  6. Book(s) from 19th century
  7. Book(s) from 20th century
  8. Book(s) from 21st century
  9. Book(s) from author(s) I haven’t read
  10. Book(s)/author(s) recommended by favourite author(s)
  11. Book(s) I bought more than 3 years ago
  12. Family-themed book(s)
  13. Lost/death-themed book(s)

I’ll update this page to add books I’ve read/reviewed. As usual, my review will mostly be in Bahasa Indonesia.

If you want to update your list, or make a new one, or you want to join this project, let me know by putting comment below.