My Rating System

Books are really subjective matters. They’re written by certain people that have certain opinion inside their mind. So do readers. I found that people have their own method to rate books. They classify books by whether they really like them or like them or so-so or do not like, and maybe wanna throw them to trash. It is a subjective thing to do.

My book ratings (in this blog) are based on Goodreads rating that range from 1 to 5 stars. But maybe I’m not using that ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ term to give some stars. From my reading experiences, I found some good books, by means good written, but unexpectedly can’t bring me to unforgettable emotional journey. Or maybe the books are strongly emotional, but in a bad way.

So, I didn’t say that the stars I gave to the books indicated my like/dislike to them, nor my judgement of good/bad books. It is what I feel EMOTIONALLY through pages of the books. I’ll keep telling my judgement in the review, so that the conclusions don’t rely on the rating, but the whole review.

Briefly, these are the meanings of my rating, more or less:

1/5 : I hardly use it (until now), so the book must be desperately unacceptable for me. Wonder would I finish reading it.

2/5 : The book has nothing to do with me; maybe it’s good but some elements are disappointing, or maybe it’s just bad, or I just dislike it.

3/5 : Rather difficult to rate. At some occasions, I think the book is good but it can’t bond with my feeling, but sometimes it’s just a so-so book for me.

4/5 : It’s a strongly emotional book, but some points rather disappointing. Or the book just good (yeah, I know, it’s good). Practically, I like it.

5/5 : I love it so much. It gave me unexpectably strong (emotional) experience, at some rate.

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